adam Products

We have developed our Human Touch Technology to offer a simple, cost-effective and efficient way to connect and coordinate Public Sector procurement and commissioning. Through customer feedback we have now implemented three distinct products to meet specific needs. We are proud to work with professionals to offer these to you:
Solutions for Health and Social care providers (such as Care Homes or Home Support agencies), as well as Transport operators. A fully managed, technology-based service configured to help providers find new opportunities to deliver their services to the public sector.
Software as a service’ cloud-based dynamic purchasing system for the Public Sector. Providing better value, quality, more relevance and sustainability. Increased choice on a level playing field for suppliers of all sizes. Enter here for repairs & maintenance, professional services, property services and construction minor works.
adam’s housing solution offers simplified access for accommodation providers to offer properties to the public sector. adam provides an intuitive end-to-end platform, managing the entire booking process, property registration, payments and contract management.