About us

We manage millions of pounds worth of spend for local authorities and NHS bodies around the UK and are continually looking for new, good quality providers to join. By becoming an approved provider you will receive free and instant access to all opportunities that you are enrolled for.

Rather than using technology to put up barriers between local authorities, NHS bodies and their providers, we believe that the power of technology should be used to create better and clearer communication with a provider market. Therefore we help our customers work towards a better market where you better understand what they need, what they expect from you, and they reward good quality and value for money suppliers.

Would you like to supply through the adam system?

Once you’ve signed up to supply a customer via the adam system you will have access to all spend opportunities. We will give you better access to, and a better understanding of, the needs and requirements of the authorities meaning you’ll be able to tailor your business to win more contracts. Once enrolled you will receive instant notification of all requirements that you are able to deliver. You will have an opportunity to submit an offer for every appropriate requirement, meaning you will receive maximum opportunities to grow your business with the authority you are working with.

We’ll also help our customers to provide you absolute clarity over what is expected from you, making it easier for you to meet and exceed expectations. And if that isn’t the case the adam system will help you understand where expectations aren’t being met to respond accordingly.

As an enrolled provider, you will:

  • gain instant access to all our clients’ service requirements
  • receive comprehensive information regarding the specific details of each requirement
  • be able to engage directly with clients in open dialogue via the system in order to ensure services delivered meet customer requirements
  • have access to real-time management information in relation to your performance, and how it compares to other local suppliers

Becoming a Supplier

You can use this site to view all current and historic requirements that are in your local area.

To become an approved supplier, you will then need to register on www.SProc.Net and follow the steps through the simple and self-explanatory accreditation and enrolment process.